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Want to change the world? Start off by making your own bed!

University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address

Adm. William H. McRaven is the ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command. He is a Navy admiral and former commander of SEAL Team 3, acclaimed for leading the mission to find Osama bin Laden. On May 17, Adm. McRaven delivered the commencement address at his alma mater, University of Texas at Austin.
10 Valuable Life Lessons by Adm. William H.McRaven

  1. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.
  2. If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.
  3. If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.
  4. If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.
  5. If you want to change the world, don’t be afraid of the circuses.
  6. If you want to change the world sometimes you have to slide down the obstacle head first.
  7. If you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks.
  8. If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moment.
  9. If you want to change the world, start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.
  10. If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.

To the graduating class of 2014, you are moments away from graduating. Moments away from beginning your journey through life. Moments away starting to change the world — for the better.
It will not be easy.
But, YOU are the class of 2014 — the class that can affect the lives of 800 million people in the next century.
Start each day with a task completed.
Find someone to help you through life.
Respect everyone.
Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often, but if take you take some risks, step up when the times are toughest, face down the bullies, lift up the downtrodden and never, ever give up – if you do these things, then next generation and the generations that follow will live in a world far better than the one we have today and — what started here will indeed have changed the world — for the better.

Below is the full video transcript:
It’s been almost 37 years to the day that I graduated from UT.
I remember a lot of things about that day.
I remember I had throbbing headache from a party the night before. I remember I had a serious girlfriend, whom I later married — that’s important to remember by the way — and I remember that I was getting commissioned in the Navy that day.
But of all the things I remember, I don’t have a clue who the commencement speaker was that evening and I certainly don’t remember anything they said.
So…acknowledging that fact — if I can’t make this commencement speech memorable — I will at least try to make it short.
The University’s slogan is,
“What starts here changes the world.”
I have to admit – I kinda like it.
“What starts here changes the world.”
Tonight there are almost 8,000 students graduating from UT.
That great paragon of analytical rigor, Ask.Com says that the average American will meet 10,000 people in their life time.
That’s a lot of folks.
But, if every one of you changed the lives of just ten people – and each one of those folks changed the lives of another ten people — just ten — then in five generations — 125 years — the class of 2014 will have changed the lives of 800 million people.
800 million people — think of it — over twice the population of the United States. Go one more generation and you can change the entire population of the world — 8 billion people.
If you think it’s hard to change the lives of ten people — change their lives forever — you’re wrong.
I saw it happen every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.
A young Army officer makes a decision to go left instead of right down a road in Baghdad and the ten soldiers in his squad are saved from close-in ambush.
In Kandahar province, Afghanistan, a non-commissioned officer from the Female Engagement Team senses something isn’t right and directs the infantry platoon away from a 500-pound IED, saving the lives of a dozen soldiers.
But, if you think about it, not only were these soldiers saved by the decisions of one person, but their children yet unborn – were also saved. And their children’s children — were saved.
Generations were saved by one decision — by one person.
But changing the world can happen anywhere and anyone can do it.
So, what starts here can indeed change the world, but the question is…what will the world look like after you change it?
Well, I am confident that it will look much, much better, but if you will humour this old sailor for just a moment, I have a few suggestions that may help you on your way to a better a world.
And while these lessons were learned during my time in the military, I can assure you that it matters not whether you ever served a day in uniform.
It matters not your gender, your ethnic or religious background, your orientation, or your social status.
Our struggles in this world are similar and the lessons to overcome those struggles and to move forward — changing ourselves and the world around us — will apply equally to all.
I have been a Navy SEAL for 36 years. But it all began when I left UT for Basic SEAL training in Coronado, California.
Basic SEAL training is six months of long torturous runs in the soft sand, midnight swims in the cold water off San Diego, obstacles courses, unending calisthenics, days without sleep and always being cold, wet and miserable.
It is six months of being constantly harassed by professionally trained warriors who seek to find the weak of mind and body and eliminate them from ever becoming a Navy SEAL.
But, the training also seeks to find those students who can lead in an environment of constant stress, chaos, failure and hardships.
To me basic SEAL training was a life time of challenges crammed into six months.
So, here are the ten lessons I learned from basic SEAL training that hopefully will be of value to you as you move forward in life.
Every morning in basic SEAL training, my instructors, who at the time were all Vietnam veterans, would show up in my barracks room and the first thing they would inspect was your bed.
If you did it right, the corners would be square, the covers pulled tight, the pillow centred just under the headboard and the extra blanket folded neatly at the foot of the rack — rack — that’s Navy talk for bed.
It was a simple task – mundane at best. But every morning we were required to make our bed to perfection. It seemed a little ridiculous at the time, particularly in light of the fact that we were aspiring to be real warriors, tough battle-hardened SEALs – but the wisdom of this simple act has been proven to me many times over.
If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.
By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.
If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.
And, if by chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made — that you made — and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.

  1. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

During SEAL training the students are broken down into boat crews. Each crew is seven students – three on each side of a small rubber boat and one coxswain to help guide the dingy.
Every day your boat crew forms up on the beach and is instructed to get through the surfzone and paddle several miles down the coast.
In the winter, the surf off San Diego can get to be 8 to 10 feet high and it is exceedingly difficult to paddle through the plunging surf unless everyone digs in.
Every paddle must be synchronized to the stroke count of the coxswain. Everyone must exert equal effort or the boat will turn against the wave and be unceremoniously tossed back on the beach.
For the boat to make it to its destination, everyone must paddle.
You can’t change the world alone — you will need some help – and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them.

  1. If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.

Over a few weeks of difficult training my SEAL class which started with 150 men was down to just 35. There were now six boat crews of seven men each.
I was in the boat with the tall guys, but the best boat crew we had was made up of the the little guys — the munchkin crew we called them – no one was over about 5-foot-five.
The munchkin boat crew had one American Indian, one African American, one Polish America, one Greek American, one Italian American, and two tough kids from the mid-west.
They out paddled, out-ran, and out-swam all the other boat crews.
The big men in the other boat crews would always make good-natured fun of the tiny little flippers the munchkins put on their tiny little feet prior to every swim.
But somehow these little guys, from every corner of the nation and the world, always had the last laugh – swimming faster than everyone and reaching the shore long before the rest of us.
SEAL training was a great equalizer. Nothing mattered but your will to succeed. Not your color, not your ethnic background, not your education and not your social status.

  1. If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.

Several times a week, the instructors would line up the class and do a uniform inspection. It was exceptionally thorough.
Your hat had to be perfectly starched, your uniform immaculately pressed and your belt-buckle shiny and void of any smudges.
But it seemed that no matter how much effort you put into starching your hat, or pressing your uniform or polishing your belt buckle — it just wasn’t good enough.
The instructors would fine “something” wrong.
For failing the uniform inspection, the student had to run, fully clothed into the surf zone and then, wet from head to toe, roll around on the beach until every part of your body was covered with sand.
The effect was known as a “sugar cookie.” You stayed in that uniform the rest of the day — cold, wet and sandy.
There were many students who just couldn’t accept the fact that all their effort was in vain. That no matter how hard they tried to get the uniform right — it was unappreciated.
Those students didn’t make it through training.
Those students didn’t understand the purpose of the drill. You were never going to succeed. You were never going to have a perfect uniform.
Sometimes no matter how well you prepare or how well you perform you still end up as a sugar cookie.
It’s just the way life is sometimes.

  1. If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.

Every day during training you were challenged with multiple physical events – long runs, long swims, obstacle courses, hours of calisthenics — something designed to test your mettle.
Every event had standards — times you had to meet. If you failed to meet those standards your name was posted on a list and at the end of the day those on the list were invited to — a “circus.”
A circus was two hours of additional calisthenics — designed to wear you down, to break your spirit, to force you to quit.
No one wanted a circus.
A circus meant that for that day you didn’t measure up. A circus meant more fatigue – and more fatigue meant that the following day would be more difficult – and more circuses were likely.
But at some time during SEAL training, everyone — everyone – made the circus list.
But an interesting thing happened to those who were constantly on the list. Overtime those students — who did two hours of extra calisthenics – got stronger and stronger.
The pain of the circuses built inner strength — built physical resiliency.
Life is filled with circuses.
You will fail. You will likely fail often. It will be painful. It will be discouraging. At times it will test you to your very core.

  1. But if you want to change the world, don’t be afraid of the circuses.

At least twice a week, the trainees were required to run the obstacle course. The obstacle course contained 25 obstacles including a ten-foot high wall, a 30-foot cargo net, and a barbed wire crawl to name a few.
But the most challenging obstacle was the slide for life. It had a three-level 30-foot tower at one end and a one-level tower at the other. In between was a 200-foot long rope.
You had to climb the three-tiered tower and once at the top, you grabbed the rope, swung underneath the rope and pulled yourself hand over hand until you got to the other end.
The record for the obstacle course had stood for years when my class began training in 1977.
The record seemed unbeatable, until one day, a student decided to go down the slide for life – head first.
Instead of swinging his body underneath the rope and inching his way down, he bravely mounted the TOP of the rope and thrust himself forward.
It was a dangerous move – seemingly foolish, and fraught with risk. Failure could mean injury and being dropped from the training.
Without hesitation – the student slid down the rope – perilously fast, instead of several minutes, it only took him half that time and by the end of the course he had broken the record.

  1. If you want to change the world sometimes you have to slide down the obstacle head first.

During the land warfare phase of training, the students are flown out to San Clemente Island which lies off the coast of San Diego.
The waters off San Clemente are a breeding ground for the great white sharks. To pass SEAL training there are a series of long swims that must be completed. One is the night swim.
Before the swim the instructors joyfully brief the trainees on all the species of sharks that inhabit the waters off San Clemente.
They assure you, however, that no student has ever been eaten by a shark — at least not recently.
But, you are also taught that if a shark begins to circle your position — stand your ground. Do not swim away. Do not act afraid.
And if the shark, hungry for a midnight snack, darts towards you — then summon up all your strength and punch him in the snout and he will turn and swim away.
There are a lot of sharks in the world. If you hope to complete the swim you will have to deal with them.

  1. So, If you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks.

As Navy SEALs one of our jobs is to conduct underwater attacks against enemy shipping. We practiced this technique extensively during basic training.
The ship attack mission is where a pair of SEAL divers is dropped off outside an enemy harbour and then swims well over two miles — underwater – using nothing but a depth gauge and a compass to get to their target.
During the entire swim, even well below the surface there is some light that comes through. It is comforting to know that there is open water above you.
But as you approach the ship, which is tied to a pier, the light begins to fade. The steel structure of the ship blocks the moonlight – it blocks the surrounding street lamps – it blocks all ambient light.
To be successful in your mission, you have to swim under the ship and find the keel — the centreline and the deepest part of the ship.
This is your objective. But the keel is also the darkest part of the ship — where you cannot see your hand in front of your face, where the noise from the ship’s machinery is deafening and where it is easy to get disoriented and fail.
Every SEAL knows that under the keel, at the darkest moment of the mission – is the time when you must be calm, composed — when all your tactical skills, your physical power and all your inner strength must be brought to bare.

  1. If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moment.

The ninth week of training is referred to as “Hell Week.” It is six days of no sleep, constant physical and mental harassment and one special day at the Mud Flats — the Mud Flats are area between San Diego and Tijuana where the water runs off and creates the Tijuana slues — a swampy patch of terrain where the mud will engulf you.
It is on Wednesday of Hell Week that you paddle down to the mud flats and spend the next 15 hours trying to survive the freezing cold mud, the howling wind and the incessant pressure to quit from the instructors.
As the sun began to set that Wednesday evening, my training class, having committed some “egregious infraction of the rules” was ordered into the mud.
The mud consumed each man till there was nothing visible but our heads. The instructors told us we could leave the mud if only five men would quit — just five men and we could get out of the oppressive cold.
Looking around the mud flat it was apparent that some students were about to give up. It was still over 8 hours till the sun came up – eight more hours of bone chilling cold.
The chattering teeth and shivering moans of the trainees were so loud it was hard to hear anything – and then, one voice began to echo through the night — one voice raised in song.
The song was terribly out of tune, but sung with great enthusiastic.
One voice became two and two became three and before long everyone in the class was singing.
We knew that if one man could rise above the misery then others could as well.
The instructors threatened us with more time in the mud if we kept up the singing — but the singing persisted.
And somehow – the mud seemed a little warmer, the wind a little tamer and the dawn not so far away.
If I have learned anything in my time travelling the world, it is the power of hope. The power of one person — Washington, Lincoln, King, Mandela and even a young girl from Pakistan — Malala — one person can change the world by giving people hope.

  1. So, if you want to change the world, start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.

Finally, in SEAL training there is a bell. A brass bell that hangs in the centre of the compound for all the students to see.
All you have to do to quit is ring the bell. Ring the bell and you no longer have to wake up at 5 o’clock. Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the freezing cold swims.
Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the runs, the obstacle course, the PT — and you no longer have to endure the hardships of training.
Just ring the bell.

  1. If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.

To the graduating class of 2014, you are moments away from graduating. Moments away from beginning your journey through life. Moments away starting to change the world — for the better.
It will not be easy.
But, YOU are the class of 2014 — the class that can affect the lives of 800 million people in the next century.
Start each day with a task completed.
Find someone to help you through life.
Respect everyone.
Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often, but if take you take some risks, step up when the times are toughest, face down the bullies, lift up the downtrodden and never, ever give up – if you do these things, then next generation and the generations that follow will live in a world far better than the one we have today and — what started here will indeed have changed the world — for the better.
Thank you very much. Hook ‘em horns.

Overcoming Hopelessness by Nick Vujicic

Nicholas James – “NickVujicic – is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs. As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability and, at the age of seventeen, started his own non-profit organisation, Life Without Limbs. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide which focus on life with a disability, hope and finding meaning in life. He also speaks about his belief that God can use any willing heart to do his work and that God is big enough to overcome any disability.

I never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter - Nick Vujicic
I never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter – Nick Vujicic

Quotes by Nick Vujicic:

  1. If you can’t get a miracle, become one.
  2. You are awesome just the way you are.
  3. Life without limbs? Or life without limits?
  4. FAITH: Full Assurance In The Heart.
  5. If I fail, I try again, and again, and again.
  6. You can’t even stand without risking to fall.
  7. Some injuries heal more quickly if you keep moving.
  8. The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph.
  9. God’s love is so real that He created you to prove it.
  10. FEAR is often described as False Evidence Appearing Real.
  11. I am God’s creation, designed according to His plan for me.
  12. People always complain that they can’t do this and they can’t do that.
  13. Trade the life of self pity, that I was living, for a life of purpose!
  14. In life you have a choice: Bitter or Better? Choose better, forget bitter.
  15. There are things in your life that you can’t control and gotta live with.
  16. I never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter.
  17. Don’t put your life on hold so that you can dwell on the unfairness of past hurts.
  18. I am gonna to try and try again, because the moment I give up, is the moment I fail.
  19. It’s a lie to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything.
  20. What really matters are the lives you touch along the way and how you finish your journey.
  21. I have the choice to be angry at God for what i don’t have, or be thankful for what i do have.
  22. Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities.
  23. The challenges in our lives are there to strengthen our convictions. They are not there to run us over.
  24. God gave you just one mouth but He gave you two ears, so you should listen twice as much as you speak.
  25. To wish for change will change nothing. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything!
  26. For every disability you have, you are blessed with more than enough abilities to overcome your challenges.
  27. I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see a path right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.
  28. But there is one thing better than going to heaven and that is to encourage at least one other person to go with me,
  29. Having faith, beliefs, and convictions is a great thing, but your life is measured by the actions you take based upon them.
  30. Pain is pain. Broken is broken. Fear is the biggest disability of all. It will paralyze you more than being in a wheelchair.
  31. Marriage is a long-term commitment. You should only step into that commitment if you truly love the person and want to spend your life with her.
  32. Sometimes you may feel like you are just about to realize your goal only to fall short. That is no reason to quit. Defeat happens only to those who refuse to try again.
  33. Have you ever felt trapped in circumstances, then discovered that the only trap was your own lack of vision, lack of courage, or failure to see that you had better options?
  34. I may have absolutely no control over what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. If we choose the right attitude, we can rise above whatever challenges we face.
  35. Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint (Isaiah 40:31).
  36. The greatest rewards come when you give of yourself. It’s about bettering the lives of others, being part of something bigger than yourself, and making a positive difference.
  37. If you aren’t where you want to be or you haven’t achieved all you hope to achieve, the reason most likely resides not around you but within you. Take responsibility and then take action.
  38. Once you accept that perfection is just a goal, screwing up isn’t so hard to handle. Each misstep is still a step, another lesson learned, another opportunity to get it right the next time.
  39. Risk, then, is not just part of life. It is life. The place between your comfort zone and your and your dream is where life takes place. It’s the high-anxiety zone, but it’s also where you discover
    who you are.
  40. If I fail, I try again, and again, and again. If YOU fail, are you going to try again? The human spirit can handle much worse than we realize. It matters HOW you are going to FINISH. Are you going to finish strong?
  41. We easily become trapped in the ‘someday’ mentality. Someday I’ll have all the money I need to enjoy life. Someday I’ll be able to spent more time with my family. Someday I’ll have time to relax and do what i love doing.
  42. Yet I also believe that when you do unto others, blessings come to you as well. So if you don’t have a friend, be a friend. If you are having a bad day, make someone else’s day. If your feelings are hurt, heal those of another.
  43. Recognise instant self-gratification for what it is. Resist the temptation to grab for material objects like the perfect house, the coolest clothes or the hottest car. The if I just had X, I would be happy syndrome is a mass delusion.
  44. The key is you have to trust that God only has the best in store for you. If God says no to something, He says yes to something even greater. It is when you fully surrender all of your desires to His will that His perfect will is done.
  45. To keep moving up, you have to abandon the security of that ledge and reach for another hold. Letting go of that sense of security.. is the challenge. … think of yourself as climbing a ladder. To move to the next rung, you must give up your grip and reach for the next one.
  46. We can’t, and we should not, compare sufferings. We come together as a family of God, hand in hand. And then together coming and standing upon the promises of God, knowing that no matter who you are, no matter what you’re going through, that God knows it, He is with you, He is going to pull you through.
  47. Life isn’t about having, it’s about being. You could surround yourself with all that money can buy, and you’d still be as miserable as a human can be. I know people with perfect bodies who don’t have half the happiness I’ve found. On my journeys I’ve seen more joy in the slums of Mumbai and the orphanages of Africa than in wealthy gated communities and on sprawling estates worth millions. Why is that? You’ll find contentment when your talents and passion are completely engaged, in full force. Recognise instant self-gratification for what it is. Resist the temptation to grab for material objects like the perfect house, the coolest clothes or the hottest car. The if I just had X, I would be happy syndrome is a mass delusion. When you look for happiness in mere objects, they are never enough. Look around. Look within.

Below is a video presentation with transcript by Nick Vujicic in Serbia (TEDxNoviSad) on how he overcame hopelessness and becoming a miracle in someone else’s life through his disability.

Video Transcript:

Thank you very much.
Guys, my name is Nick Vujicic,
I was born in Australia in 1982,
moved from Australia to California in the year 2006.
And my life story – I’m just thankful
that people have seen my life
on some sort of level – whether it’s just YouTube videos
or seeing pictures of a limbless guy smile.
You know, people always ask me
you know, what happened to you
and how did you overcome what you’ve been through?
The title of the message that I’ve been given
is “Transforming the walls into doors”.
When I speak corporately,
the line that I like to use is
“changing obstacles into opportunities”.
Now, I am very well aware to share with you as well.
I know that there are a billion people going hungry today.
I know that this year, a million people will commit suicide.
That is one every 40 seconds.
I know today there are 120 million slaves
and I’ve met six slaves
and I’ve seen the top of the pyramid as far as business
and met the billionaires.
I’ve met bankers and I’ve also met orphans.
We’re all looking for something.
We’re all looking for hope.
Hope you can’t just have just because you were born with hope.
No, we’re born with pain.
We’re born and live through difficulties.
In our life – my parents always taught me
that even though we don’t know
why I was born this way, that we have a choice.
Either to be angry for what we don’t have
or be thankful for what we do have.
The power of that choice was the first thing
that I had to overcome and decide for myself,
especially in the early years of school.
A lot of kids would come up to me and tease me.
And I have been speaking at 5 congresses,
I’ve met 7 presidents all around the world.
My largest crowd was 110,000.
I have 30 thousand invitations for me to speak.
So wherever I go, I talk about the value of life,
I talk about anti-bullying messages
for the school systems in different nations.
The greatest thing is love.
When we feel like we don’t have enough love
and we don’t have enough hope,
we start losing strength to live.
For me in my life as a child, I had a big wall.
I was surrounded by four walls and a low ceiling of opportunity.
I was set free in so many different ways
and especially surviving from day to day
with my parents who loved me, who encouraged me,
who told me I was beautiful the way that I was
and not to worry about what other people said about me.
I was actually the first special needs child
to be integrated into the mainstream education system
in Australia and I was awarded Young Citizen of the Year in 1990.
And the world is a hurting place and the world needs hope
and world needs love.
Without hope, we feel like, ‘Why are we here?’
Well, brokenness. Here’s mine.
Today, I still have no arms and no legs, but everything’s changed.
For me, I was looking for hope and happiness
and I couldn’t see it for many years.
In fact, if this side of the table represents my hope,
truth encourages me to become all that I can be.
But then we have lies, everyday,
coming in our mind, people who discourage us.
You know the people that you have in your life
who, no matter how good of a day you’re having, they’ll bring you down?
Or no matter how bad of a day you’re having, they’ll bring you even lower?
You know what I’m talking about?
Think of the 3 biggest discourages in your life.
They’re not your biggest discourages.
You are.
It only takes 3 seconds for me to tell you something discouraging
but then, you may never forget my words.
I’ve met so many 50-year-old women and 40-year-old women
who still remember what their fathers told them that they wish they’d never heard.
Words are powerful.
And when you hear those words and then your mind starts growing with these lies.
“Nick, you’re not good enough, just give up, you’ll never get a job”,
“You won’t get married, you can’t even hold your wife’s hand”.
“What kind of a father are you gonna be
if you can’t even pick up your kids when they’re crying?”
You’re alone. Sure, your parents hug you.
But their hugs can’t heal you.
Just give up. Just give up. Just give up……
At age 8 I thought that I should commit suicide. Why?
‘Cause I didn’t have hope. I thought I didn’t have hope.
Today you can see that I had hope.
What’s the word, believing in something you do not see? Faith.
Words can only do so much. Hugs can do much more than words,
but when hugs can’t do anything, that’s where faith kicks in.
For me, words and hugs were not enough, but I had no faith.
So I tried to give up.
At age 10, I tried to drown myself in 6 inches, or 15 centimetres of water,
in my home.
I told my dad I just wanted to relax, but really, I wanted to end my life.
I had enough. (Serbian) I had enough.
The first two times I rolled over.
I was trying to work out how much air I hold in my lungs before I let it out.
And the third time, in my mind, knowing that I wanted to get out of here,
because of the bullying in my life, ’cause I was going to be a burden to my parents
and I had nothing to look forward to.
I realized at that moment that if I actually went through with committing suicide,
I would leave a greater burden for my parents than they already had.
There was one thing less hopeful or more burdensome
than having a child without limbs.
What is it? A child without limbs who gives up.
So when I saw in my mind my mom and my dad
and my brother crying at my grave
if I went through with it, that one thought saved me.
If my parents never told me that I was beautiful the way I was.
If my parents never told me that I was special and that I was loved,
I wouldn’t be here today.
So I encourage every single parent
who tries their best to encourage their teenagers,
especially in the West, many teenagers put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on their door.
I’m sure, the conversations all around the world between a parent and a teenager:
How was school? – Fine. – What did you learn? – Nothing. – Did you do your homework? – No.
And that’s the conversation for the day.
And when you try to tell your children that they’re beautiful, they say,
“Of course I’m beautiful, I’m your son, your daughter, of course you’re gonna say that”.
But they’re right.
Every single human being has value
and my value is not determined on how I look
or what job I have, or where I’m from, where I was born,
how much money, all that stuff is nothing.
So many teenagers, you know, tease each other
for how we look and I tell the teenagers,
“Do you think that I’m cool enough to be your friend?”
And they’re like, “Yeah, of course”.
I say, “But I have no arms and no legs”, and they say, “Doesn’t matter.”
And I say, “Really? So it doesn’t matter that I have no arms and no legs?”
They say it doesn’t matter.
I say then, “Actually, if it doesn’t matter, then why do we kill each other with our words,
if it actually doesn’t matter?”
Why do we look [at] ourselves in the mirror and see ugly instead of valuable?
I want to ask you today, what are you looking for?
If I gave you a billion dollars, would you be happy?
If you gave me a billion dollars, I’d be very happy.
But then if my mom dies tonight, am I happy? No.
With all the money in the world, I’d never be happy.
Right? ‘Cause money is something that cannot heal the soul.
So many teenagers are looking for love which, love does heal the soul,
love does complete the soul.
But even sex before marriage, I was a virgin before I got married.
Yeah, I’ve got a gorgeous wife, we’re pregnant with our first son.
And I don’t need hands to hold her hand.
I only want to hold her heart.
And you know, how am I going to hug my kid?
So many kids that come up to me, it’s amazing.
They put their hands behind their back and hug me with their neck.
And I’ve realized in life, even the worst parts of my life
can be turned into good.
And even more special.
So many teenagers are looking for love so they are going to go do this,
and go do that and have sex before marriage.
For me, sex out of marriage is like a 5 dollar Gucci watch.
Sex within marriage and having sex with someone
who loves you, who is committed to you for the rest of your life,
going to be the mother or father of your kids, that’s what love is.
You can sleep with as many people as you like
but never know for sure, “Do they love me?”
Love is a life-long commitment. You see, there are choices in life.
And we’re looking. I want to ask you, what are you looking for?
If I can just drunk, why not, man? I’ll only live once.
Well, if that’s the way you believe, great.
But for me, I’m a greedy man, I don’t want to live for 90 years.
I want to live for billions of years.
And I know that every day, my choices will affect this life,
other people’s life and my eternal life.
You gotta come to the truth of knowing who you are and why you’re here.
William Barkley, he said, the greatest two days in anyone’s life —
they day you were born, and the day you knew why.
So, “Uh, you’re ugly”.
No, I’m beautiful the way that I am
and if you can’t believe that for yourself
so many girls, specially, stay with their emotionally abusive boyfriends
because, “If I break up with him, then who is going to want me? ”
See, we all want love.
That’s why we do what we do sometimes.
To get into the crowd — I am going to swear, I am going to be cool —
that’s what this world is —
“I want to look like her, if I was taller, shorter, smarter, more popular”
whatever you want, it’s not enough.
Until you find the truth.
I’m wonderfully and faithfully made.
There is a greater purpose for my life.
I am here for a reason.
Sure, I didn’t get a miracle.
Yeah, I believe in a God who can do miracles
and I have a pair of shoes in my closet.
Why? I’ve seen blind people seeing and deaf people hearing.
That’s fine if you don’t believe me, I’ve got it on camera.
But I realized something.
If God doesn’t change my circumstances
he’s gonna use my life to be a miracle for someone else.
When you don’t get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else.
I’m gonna close off with this beautiful story.
I was in Southern California —
I have 2 organizations,
a non-profit organization and I have a for-profit.
I probably spoke between years 2007 and 2010, 1000 times, 600 flights.
And I’ve spoken to 4.5 million people face to face
and in the last 48 hours here in Serbia, we’ve reached 5 million through media.
So, we have the heart of people to love others.
We want people to love each other, love yourself
dream big and never give up.
We are all looking for hope, aren’t we?
What are you looking for?
Money, drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, fame, fortune.
Never satisfies.
It’s never enough.
But I have come to peace, so check this out.
When I was 24 years old, 5-6 years ago, I was in California.
And I’d never met anybody else like me.
When I was 10 years old, I wished I would have met somebody like me.
Never did, didn’t get that miracle.
But at 24, in Califronia, I saw a little boy
with no arms and no legs, 19 months old, just like me.
I knew he was going to be bullied,
he was going to go through depression, he would feel alone,
I knew that he would get worried if he’s ever going to have a girlfriend
and so on, and so on.
I got the father to bring him up on stage in front of 2000 people.
And everyone was crying.
And it was a materialization of when you don’t get a miracle,
you can be a miracle for someone else.
I am not a superhero, I go through ups and downs, so do you.
But take one day at a time
and if you haven’t found that piece of knowing who you are and why you’re here
and where you’re going when you’re not here.
For me, I want you to know that’s how I’ve overcome.
I don’t have any walls.
My book’s called “Life without limits” and what will be, will be.
I’ve acted in a short film, 30 awards.
I got best actor in a short film.
I’ve done my own music video.
I’ve written 2 books, first book — 30 languages, 800,000 copies.
I’m 29 and we know a billion people know who I am.
Not to bring out my pride or my name or my status,
trust me, I’m just like you.
But I hope you are inspired to know
that if I can dream big, so can you.
There are no walls.
Find your peace and you’ll make your walls, doors.
Thank you so much.
There Is Hope – Nick Vujicic

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something – The Pursuit of Happyness

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period. – Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness)
Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period. – Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness)

While shooting some hoops with his son Christopher (Jaden Smith), Chris Gardner (Will Smith) makes a casual statement to his son that he will never be great in basketball as he himself (the father) is below average. Upon seeing how dejected little Christopher is, the father realised his blunder and told his son:

“Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. Alright? You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do something’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something’, go get it. Period.”

Watch how the father redeems himself in the short video abstract:

Three Character Classic 三字经 with English Translation

The Three Character Classic – commonly known as San Zi Jing
<<三字经>> – is one of the many classic Chinese texts used to teach basic literacy to young children in the past. Written during the Song dynasty by Wang Yinglin, this short and simple text is arranged in three-character verses, with the complete text being 1,140 characters long, making it easy to memorize and fun to recite. It encompasses the basis of Confucian morality, especially filial piety and respecting the elders. Definitely worth learning by heart, regardless of age, nationality, or gender.

The Three Character Classic <<三字经>>, The Hundred Family Surnames <<百家姓>>, and The Thousand Character Classic <<千字文>> are prominently known as San Bai Qian <<三百千>>, from the first Chinese character in their respective titles. These three texts are widely used in China in the past to educate children on basic Mandarin literacy, and most importantly, the deep and rich Chinese culture that are described within these classics.

Below is the copy in Simplified Chinese with Pinyin, English and Mandarin explanation of the timeless classic.

Three Character Classic


人之初,性本善。 性相近,习相远。


苟不教,性乃迁。 教之道,贵以专。


昔孟母,择邻处。 子不学,断机杼。


窦燕山,有义方。 教五子,名俱扬。


养不教,父之过。 教不严,师之惰。


子不学,非所宜。 幼不学,老何为。


玉不琢,不成器。 人不学,不知义。


为人子,方少时。 亲师友,习礼仪。


香九龄,能温席。 孝于亲,所当执。


融四岁,能让梨。 弟于长,宜先知。


首孝弟,次见闻。 知某数,识某文。


一而十,十而百。 百而千,千而万。


三才者,天地人。 三光者,日月星。


三纲者,君臣义。 父子亲,夫妇顺。


曰春夏,曰秋冬。 此四时,运不穷。


曰南北,曰西东。 此四方,应乎中。


曰水火,木金土。 此五行,本乎数。


曰仁义,礼智信。 此五常,不容紊。


稻粱菽,麦黍稷。 此六谷,人所食。


马牛羊,鸡犬豕。 此六畜,人所饲。


曰喜怒,曰哀惧。 爱恶欲,七情具。


匏土革,木石金。 与丝竹,乃八音。


高曾祖,父而身。 身而子,子而孙。


自子孙,至元曾。 乃九族,人之伦。


父子恩,夫妇从。 兄则友,弟则恭。


长幼序,友与朋。 君则敬,臣则忠。




凡训蒙,须讲究。 详训诂,明句读。


为学者,必有初。 小学终,至四书。


论语者,二十篇。 群弟子,记善言。


孟子者,七篇止。 讲道德,说仁义。


作中庸,乃孔伋。 中不偏,庸不易。


作大学,乃曾子。 自修齐,至平治。


孝经通,四书熟。 如六经,始可读。


诗书易,礼春秋。 号六经,当讲求。


有连山,有归藏。 有周易,三易详。


有典谟,有训诰。 有誓命,书之奥。


我周公,作周礼。 著六官,存治体。


大小戴,注礼记。 述圣言,礼乐备。


曰国风,曰雅颂。 号四诗,当讽咏。


诗既亡,春秋作。 寓褒贬,别善恶。


三传者,有公羊。 有左氏,有谷梁。


经既明,方读子。 撮其要,记其事。


五子者,有荀杨。 文中子,及老庄。


经子通,读诸史。 考世系,知终始。


自羲农,至黄帝。 号三皇,居上世。


唐有虞,号二帝。 相揖逊,称盛世。


夏有禹,商有汤。 周文武,称三王。


夏传子,家天下。 四百载,迁夏社。


汤伐夏,国号商。 六百载,至纣亡。


周武王,始诛纣。 八百载,最长久。


周辙东,王纲堕。 逞干戈,尚游说。


始春秋,终战国。 五霸强,七雄出。


嬴秦氏,始兼并。 传二世,楚汉争。


高祖兴,汉业建。 至孝平,王莽篡。


光武兴,为东汉。 四百年,终于献。


魏蜀吴,争汉鼎。 号三国,迄两晋。


宋齐继,梁陈承。 为南朝,都金陵。


北元魏,分东西。 宇文周,兴高齐。


迨至隋,一土宇。 不再传,失统绪。


唐高祖,起义师。 除隋乱,创国基。


二十传,三百载。 梁灭之,国乃改。


梁唐晋,及汉周。 称五代,皆有由。


炎宋兴,受周禅。 十八传,南北混。


辽与金,皆称帝。 元灭金,绝宋世。


舆图广,超前代。 九十年,国祚废。


太祖兴,国大明。 号洪武,都金陵。


迨成祖,迁燕京。 十六世,至崇祯。


权阉肆,寇如林。 李闯出,神器焚。


清世祖,应景命。 靖四方,克大定。


古今史,全在兹。 载治乱,知兴衰。


读史书,考实录。 通古今,若亲目。


口而诵,心而惟。 朝于斯,夕于斯。


昔仲尼,师项橐。 古圣贤,尚勤学。


赵中令,读鲁论。 彼既仕,学且勤。


披蒲编,削竹简。 彼无书,且知勉。


头悬梁,锥刺股。 彼不教,自勤苦。


如囊萤,如映雪。 家虽贫,学不辍。


如负薪,如挂角。 身虽劳,犹苦卓。


苏老泉,二十七。 始发愤,读书籍。


彼既老,犹悔迟。 尔小生,宜早思。


若梁灏,八十二。 对大廷,魁多士。


彼既成,众称异。 尔小生,宜立志。


莹八岁,能咏诗。 泌七岁,能赋棋。


彼颖悟,人称奇。 尔幼学,当效之。


蔡文姬,能辨琴。 谢道韫,能咏吟。


彼女子,且聪敏。 尔男子,当自警。


唐刘晏,方七岁。 举神童,作正字。


彼虽幼,身已仕。 尔幼学,勉而致。




犬守夜,鸡司晨。 苟不学,曷为人。


蚕吐丝,蜂酿蜜。 人不学,不如物。


幼而学,壮而行。 上致君,下泽民。


扬名声,显父母。 光于前,裕于后。


人遗子,金满嬴。 我教子,惟一经。


勤有功,戏无益。 戒之哉,宜勉力。

Three Character Classic

rén zhī chū , xìnɡ běn shàn 。
xìnɡ xiānɡ jìn , xí xiānɡ yuǎn 。
Men at birth, are naturally good.
Their natures are similar; their habits become different.

ɡǒu bù jiāo , xìnɡ nǎi qiān 。
jiāo zhī dào , ɡuì yǐ zhuān 。
If, negligently, not taught, their nature deteriorate.
The right way to teach, is with absolute thoroughness.

xī mènɡ mǔ , zé lín chù 。
zǐ bù xué , duàn jī zhù 。
Formerly, the mother of Mencius chose a neighborhood.
When her child would not learn, she broke the shuttle from the loom.

dòu yàn shān , yǒu yì fānɡ 。
jiāo wǔ zǐ , mínɡ jù yánɡ 。
Dou Yanshan, had the right method.
He taught five sons, each of whom raised the family reputation.

yǎnɡ bù jiāo , fù zhī ɡuò 。
jiāo bù yán , shī zhī duò 。
To feed without teaching, is the father’s fault.
To teach without severity, is the teacher’s laziness.

zǐ bù xué , fēi suǒ yí 。
yòu bù xué , lǎo hé wéi 。
If a child does not study, it is improper.
If he does not learn while young, what will he be when old?

yù bù zhuó , bù chénɡ qì 。
rén bù xué , bù zhī yì 。
Jade that has not been polished cannot be used.
Person that has not studied cannot know righteousness.

wéi rén zǐ , fānɡ shǎo shí 。
qīn shī yǒu , xí lǐ yí 。
He, who is the son of a man, when he is young,
should engage teachers and friends; and practice etiquette.

xiānɡ jiǔ línɡ , nénɡ wēn xí 。
xiào yú qīn , suǒ dānɡ zhí 。
Xiang, at nine, could warm (his parent’s) bed.
Filial piety towards parents should be carried out.

rónɡ sì suì , nénɡ rànɡ lí 。
dì yú chánɡ , yí xiān zhī 。
Rong, at four, could yield the (bigger) pears.
To behave as a younger brother towards elders, is one of the first things to know.

shǒu xiào dì , cì jiàn wén 。
zhī mǒu shù , shí mǒu wén 。
Begin with filial piety and fraternal love, then see and hear.
Learn to count, learn to read.

yì ér shí , shí ér bǎi 。
bǎi ér qiān , qiān ér wàn 。
One to ten, ten to a hundred,
a hundred to a thousand, a thousand to ten thousand.

sān cái zhě , tiān dì rén 。
sān ɡuānɡ zhě , rì yuè xīnɡ 。
The Three Forces are Heaven, Earth, and Man.
The Three Luminaries are the sun, the moon and the stars.

sān ɡānɡ zhě , jūn chén yì 。
fù zǐ qīn , fū fù shùn 。
The three principles: duty between sovereign and subject,
love between father and child, harmony between husband and wife.

yuē chūn xià , yuē qiū dōnɡ 。
cǐ sì shí , yùn bù qiónɡ 。
We speak of spring and summer, we speak of fall and winter,
These four seasons revolve without end.

yuē nán běi , yuē xī dōnɡ 。
cǐ sì fānɡ , yīnɡ hū zhōnɡ 。
We speak of north and south, we speak of east and west,
These four directions depend on the center.

yuē shuí huǒ , mù jīn tǔ 。
cǐ wǔ xínɡ , běn hū shù 。
We speak of water, fire, wood, metal and earth.
These five elements have their origin in the numbers.

yuē rén yì , lǐ zhì xìn 。
cǐ wǔ chánɡ , bù rónɡ wěn 。
We speak of benevolence, duty, propriety, wisdom, and truth.
These five virtues must not be compromised.

dào liánɡ shū , mài shǔ jì 。
cǐ liù ɡǔ , rén suǒ shí 。
Rice, fine millet, beans, wheat, glutinous millet, and common millet.
These six grains are those which people eat.

mǎ niú yánɡ , jī quǎn shǐ 。
cǐ liù chù , rén suǒ sì 。
Horse, ox, sheep, chicken, dog, pig.
These six animals are those which people rear.

yuē xǐ nù , yuē āi jù 。
ài è yù , qī qínɡ jù 。
We speak of joy, anger, we speak of grief, fear,
love, hate, desire. These are the seven emotions.

páo tǔ ɡé , mù shí jīn 。
yǔ sī zhú , nǎi bā yīn 。
Gourd, earthenware, skin, wood, stone, metal,
silk, bamboo, yield the eight musical sounds.

ɡāo zēnɡ zǔ , fù ér shēn 。
shēn ér zǐ , zǐ ér sūn 。
Great great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather, father and self,
self and child, child and grandchild,

zì zǐ sūn , zhì yuán cénɡ 。
nǎi jiǔ zú , rén zhī lún 。
From child and grandchild, on to great grandchild and great great grandchild.
These nine generations that make up your family.

fù zǐ ēn , fū fù cónɡ 。
xiōnɡ zé yǒu , dì zé ɡōnɡ 。
Kindness between father and child, harmony between husband and wife,
friendliness from elder brothers, respect from younger brothers.

zhǎnɡ yòu xù , yǒu yǔ pénɡ 。
jūn zé jìnɡ , chén zé zhōnɡ 。
Precedence between elders and youngers, support between friends,
Respect from the sovereigns, loyalty from the subjects.

cǐ shí yì , rén suǒ tónɡ 。
These ten obligations, are the same for all.

fán xùn ménɡ , xū jiǎnɡ jiū 。
xiánɡ xùn ɡǔ , mínɡ jù dòu 。
When teaching the ignorant, there should be explanation and investigation.
Carefully teach the old [texts], clearly identify sentence and paragraphs.

wéi xué zhě , bì yǒu chū 。
xiǎo xué zhōnɡ , zhì sì shū 。
Those who would learn, must have a beginning.
The basic schooling finished, they go on to the Four Books.

lún yǔ zhě , èr shí piān 。
qún dì zǐ , jì shàn yán 。
There is The Analects, in twenty chapters.
In this, the various disciples have recorded the wise sayings [of Confucius]

mènɡ zǐ zhě , qī piān zhǐ 。
jiǎnɡ dào dé , shuō rén yì 。
The works of Mencius, in seven chapters.
Speak of the road to virtue, talk about benevolence and righteousness.

zuò zhōnɡ yōnɡ , nǎi kǒng jí 。
zhōnɡ bù piān , yōnɡ bú yì 。
The Doctrine (Way) of the Mean, by the pen of Kong Ji;
The mean does not slant to one side, the way does not change.
作《中庸》这本书的是孔伋,“中”是不偏的意思, “庸”是不变的意思。

zuò dà xué , nǎi cénɡ zǐ 。
zì xiū qí , zhì pínɡ zhì 。
He who wrote The Great Learning was the philosopher Zeng,
[its teachings] ranging from developing as an individual to governing in peace.

xiào jīnɡ tōnɡ , sì shū shú 。
rú liù jīnɡ , shǐ kě dú 。
The “Classic of Filial Piety” mastered, and the “Four books” done,
then the “Six Classics”, can be started.

shī shū yì , lǐ chūn qiū 。
hào liù jīnɡ , dānɡ jiǎnɡ qiú 。
The Book of Poetry, the Book of Documents, the Book of Changes, the Rites of the Zhou, the Book of Rites, and the Spring and Autumn Annals are the Six Classics
which should be explained and analyzed.

yǒu lián shān , yǒu ɡuī cánɡ 。
yǒu zhōu yì , sān yì xiánɡ 。
There is the Lian Shan, there is the Gui Cang.
There is the Duke of Zhou, such are the three systems which elucidate the Book of Changes.

yǒu diǎn mó , yǒu xùn ɡào 。
yǒu shì mìnɡ , shū zhī ào 。
There are standards, there are instructions, mandates.
There are oaths, orders, such are the mysteries explained in the Book of Documents.

wǒ zhōu ɡōnɡ , zuò zhōu lǐ 。
zhù liù ɡuān , cún zhì tǐ 。
Our Duke of Zhou, wrote the Rites of the Zhou,
in which he established the six classes of officials thus giving form to the government.

dà xiǎo dài , zhù lǐ jì 。
shù shènɡ yán , lǐ yuè bèi 。
The Elder and the Younger Dai, wrote commentaries on the Book of Rites.
They published the sages’ words, and set in order ceremonies and music.

yuē ɡuó fēnɡ , yuē yǎ sònɡ 。
hào sì shī , dānɡ fěnɡ yǒnɡ 。
We speak of the Airs of the States (Guo Feng), we speak of the Minor and Major Odes (Ya) and the Songs.
These are the four sections of the Book of Poetry, which should be chanted over and over.

shī jì wánɡ , chūn qiū zuò 。
yù bāo biǎn , bié shàn è 。
When the age of the Book of Poetry ended, the Spring and Autumn Annals were produced.
These Annals contain praise and blame, and distinguish the good from the bad.

sān chuán zhě , yǒu ɡōnɡ yánɡ 。
yǒu zuǒ shì , yǒu gǔ liánɡ 。
The Three Commentaries: there is that of Gong Yang,
there is that of Zuo, there is that of Gou Liang.

jīnɡ jì mínɡ , fānɡ dú zǐ 。
cuō qí yào , jì qí shì 。
When the classics are clear, read the philosophers.
Pick out the essentials, and remember their facts.

wǔ zǐ zhě , yǒu xún yánɡ 。
wén zhōnɡ zǐ , jí lǎo zhuānɡ 。
The five philosophers: there is Xun, Yang,
Wen Zhongzi, Lao Zi (Lao Tzu), and Zhuang Zi (Chuang Tzu).

jīnɡ zǐ tōnɡ , dú zhū shǐ 。
kǎo shì xì , zhī zhōnɡ shǐ 。
The classics and the philosophers mastered, read the histories.
Examine the connection between the eras, know the ends and the beginnings.

zì xī nónɡ , zhì huánɡ dì 。
hào sān huánɡ , jū shànɡ shì 。
From Xi and Nong to the Yellow Emperor,
They are called the Three Sovereigns who lived in ancient times.

tánɡ yǒu yú , hào èr dì 。
xiānɡ yī xùn , chēnɡ shènɡ shì 。
Tang and Yu, called the Two Emperors,
one abdicated after the other and theirs was called the Age of Prosperity.

xià yǒu yǔ , shānɡ yǒu tānɡ 。
zhōu wén wǔ , chēnɡ sān wánɡ 。
The Xia had Yu, the Shang had Tang,
the Zhou had Wen and Wu; they are called the Three Kings.

xià chuán zǐ , jiā tiān xià 。
sì bǎi zǎi , qiān xià shè 。
The Xia handed the throne from father to son, making a family of all under Heaven.
After four hundred years, the Xia ended.

tānɡ fá xià , ɡuó hào shānɡ 。
liù bǎi zǎi , zhì zhòu wánɡ 。
Tang ended the Xia, the dynasty was called Shang.
After six hundred years, it ended with Zhou (Dixin).

zhōu wǔ wánɡ , shǐ zhū zhòu 。
bā bǎi zǎi , zuì chánɡ jiǔ 。
King Wu of the Zhou slew Zhou (Dixin).
Eight hundred years long; the longest dynasty ever.

zhōu zhé dōnɡ , wánɡ ɡānɡ duò 。
chěnɡ ɡān ɡē , shànɡ yóu shuì 。
When the Zhous made tracks eastwards, the feudal bond loosened,
shields and spears flaunted, wandering advisers held in high esteem.

shǐ chūn qiū , zhōnɡ zhàn ɡuó 。
wǔ bà qiánɡ , qī xiónɡ chū 。
Began with the Spring and Autumn Period, and ended with the Warring States Period.
Five feudal lords ruled, seven feudal states arose.

yínɡ qín shì , shǐ jiān bìnɡ 。
chuán èr shì , chǔ hàn zhēnɡ 。
The Qin of the Ying clan, started to unify all the states.
The throne passed for two generations and Chu and Han contended.

ɡāo zǔ xìnɡ , hàn yè jiàn 。
zhì xiào pínɡ , wánɡ mǎnɡ cuàn 。
Gaozu rose, and the Han dynasty ruled
until the reign of Xiaoping, when Wang Mang usurped the throne.

ɡuānɡ wǔ xìnɡ , wéi dōnɡ hàn 。
sì bǎi nián , zhōnɡ yú xiàn 。
Guangwu rose, and founded the Eastern Han.
Four hundred years, ending with Emperor Xian.

wèi shǔ wú , zhēnɡ hàn dǐnɡ 。
hào sān ɡuó , qì liǎnɡ jìn 。
Wei, Shu and Wu, contended for the Han trophy.
Called the Three Kingdoms, it lasted until two Jin Dynasties.

sònɡ qí jì , liánɡ chén chénɡ 。
wéi nán cháo , dōu jīn línɡ 。
Followed by the Song and the Qi, then the Liang and Chen,
they are the Southern dynasties, with the capital at Jinling (Nanjing).

běi yuán wèi , fēn dōnɡ xi 。
yǔ wén zhōu , xìnɡ ɡāo qí 。
The Northern Dynasties are the Wei of the Yuan clan, which split into East and West,
the Zhou of Yu Wen clan, with the Qi of the Gao clan.

dài zhì suí , yì tǔ yǔ 。
bú zài chuán , shī tǒnɡ xù 。
Finally, under the Sui, the empire was united.
but not passed on, it lost the succession.

tánɡ ɡāo zǔ , qǐ yì shī 。
chú suí luàn , chuànɡ ɡuó jī 。
Tang Gaozu raised a righteous army,
ended the disorder of the Sui, established the foundation of his dynasty.

èr shí chuán , sān bǎi zǎi 。
liánɡ miè zhī , ɡuó nǎi ɡǎi 。
Twenty times the throne was transmitted, in a period of 300 years.
The Liang destroyed it, and the dynasty changed.

liánɡ tánɡ jìn , jí hàn zhōu 。
chēnɡ wǔ dài , jiē yǒu yóu 。
The Liang, Tang, Qin, Han and Zhou,
called the Five Dynasties, each exist for a reason.

yán sònɡ xìnɡ , shòu zhōu chán 。
shí bā chuán , nán běi hún 。
The fiery Song arose, and received the resignation of the Zhou.
Eighteen times the throne was transmitted, and then the north and the south were reunited.

liáo yǔ jīn , dì hào fēn 。
yuán miè jīn , jué sònɡ shì 。
Liao and Jin, each called a dynasty.
The Yuan extinguished the Jin and finished the Song era.

yú tú guǎng,chāo qián dài。
jiǔ shí nián,guó zuò fèi。
The territory controlled by Yuan huge, exceeding that of past dynasty.
After ninety years, the era is over.

tài zǔ xìnɡ , ɡuó dà mínɡ 。
hào hónɡ wǔ , dōu jīn línɡ 。
Taizu arose, set up the great Ming,
called himself Hong Wu. The capital was at Jinling (Nanjing)

dǎi chénɡ zǔ , qiān yàn jīnɡ 。
shí liù shì, zhì chónɡ zhēn 。
Cheng Zu moved the capital to Yanjing (Beijing).
Sixteen generations until it ended with Chong Zhen.

quán yǎn sì , kòu rú lín 。
lǐ chuǎng chū , shén qì fén 。
The power of the eunuchs unchecked; bandits flourished like a forest.
Li Chuang revolted, divine artifacts burned.

qīng shì zǔ ,yīng jǐng mìng 。
jìnɡ sì fānɡ , kè dà dìnɡ 。
The great ancestor of the Qing received destiny’s call;
Peace in the four directions, achieved great stability.

gǔ jīn shǐ , quán zài zī 。
zǎi zhì luàn , zhī xīnɡ shuāi 。
The histories are complete.
They record government disorder; understand prosperity and decline.

dú shǐ shū , kǎo shí lù 。
tōnɡ ɡǔ jīn , ruò qīn mù 。
Read the history books, examine the records,
connect the ancient with the present, and you’ll be as close as an eyewitness.

kǒu ér sònɡ , xīn ér wéi 。
cháo yú sī , xī yú sī 。
Recite them with the mouth, examine them with your heart;
do this in the morning; do this in the evening.

xī zhònɡ ní , shī xiànɡ tuó 。
ɡǔ shènɡ xián , shànɡ qín xué 。
Formerly, Zhong Ni, took Xiang Tuo for his teacher.
The ancient sages were virtuous, yet studied diligently.

zhào zhōnɡ lìnɡ , dú lǔ lùn 。
bǐ jì shì , xué qiě qín 。
Grand Secretary Zhao studied the Analects.

He, although already an official, studied diligently.
宋朝时赵中令 – 赵普,他官已经做到了中书令了,天天还手不释卷地阅读论语,不因为自己已经当了高官,而忘记勤奋学习。

pī pú biān , xuē zhú jiǎn 。
bǐ wú shū , qiě zhī miǎn 。
Splitting reeds and weaving them, cutting bamboo slips.
They had no books, yet knew how to exert themselves.

tóu xuán liánɡ , zhuī cì ɡǔ 。
bǐ bù jiāo , zì qín kǔ 。
One tied his head to the roof beam; another pricked his thigh with an awl.
They were not taught these, but came up on their own to toil hard.

rú nánɡ yínɡ , rú yìnɡ xuě 。
jiā suī pín , xué bú zhuì 。
One put fireflies in a bag. another used the glare from the snow.
Although their families were poor, they studied unceasingly.

rú fù xīn , rú ɡuà jiǎo 。
shēn suī láo , yóu kǔ zhuó 。
One carried firewood, another hanged (books from the) horns.
Although they toiled with their bodies, they overcame their hardships.

sū lǎo quán , èr shí qī 。
shǐ fā fèn , dú shū jí 。
Su Laoquan at twenty-seven,
began to show his energy, and study the books.

bǐ jì lǎo , yóu huǐ chí 。
ěr xiǎo shēnɡ , yí zǎo sī 。
When already old, he regretted his delay.
Like them, the young should think of this early.

ruò liánɡ hào , bā shí èr 。
duì dà tínɡ , kuí duō shì 。
There was Liang Hao who at eighty-two
replied to the Great Hall, and came out first among many scholars.

bǐ jì chénɡ , zhònɡ chēnɡ yì 。
ěr xiǎo shēnɡ , yí lì zhì 。
After he had succeeded, everyone called him exceptional.
Like them, the young should think appropriately early.

yínɡ bá suì , nénɡ yǒnɡ shī 。
mì qí suì , nénɡ fù qí 。
Ying at eight years old, could compose poems.
Mi, at seven years old, could make a poetic essay on weiqi.

bǐ yǐnɡ wù , rén chēnɡ qí 。
ěr yòu xué , dānɡ xiào zhī 。
They were clever and people called them special.
Like them, young students ought to imitate them.

cài wén jī , nénɡ biàn qín 。
xiè dào yùn , nénɡ yǒnɡ yín 。
Cai Wenji, could judge from [the sound of] a lute.
Xie Daoyun, could compose poems.

bǐ nǘ zǐ , qiě cōnɡ mǐn 。
ěr nán zǐ , dānɡ zì jǐnɡ 。
They were girls, yet they were quick and clever.
Like them, boys should alert yourselves.

tánɡ liú yàn , fānɡ qí suì 。
jǔ shén tónɡ , zuò zhènɡ zì 。
In the Tang dynasty, Liu Yan when only seven years old,
was rated a child prodigy and appointed Corrector of Texts.

bǐ suī yòu , shēn jǐ shì 。
ěr yòu xué , miǎn ér zhì 。
He, although a child, was already an official.
Like them, young students, should exert yourselves and concentrate.

yǒu wéi zhě , yì ruò shì 。
Those who work like them, will succeed as they did.

quǎn shǒu yè , jī sī chén 。
ɡǒu bù xué , hé wéi rén 。
The dog guards the night; the rooster proclaims the dawn.
If, negligently, you do not study, how can you become people?

cán tǔ sī , fēnɡ niànɡ mì 。
rén bù xué , bù rú wù 。
The silkworm produces silk, the bee makes honey.
If one does not study, what is the use of being human?

yòu ér xué , zhuànɡ ér xínɡ 。
shànɡ zhì jūn , xià zé mín 。
When young, study; when grown up, perform.
Influence the sovereign above, benefit the people below.

yánɡ mínɡ shēnɡ , xiǎn fù mǔ 。
ɡuānɡ yú qián , yù yú hòu 。
Make a name for yourselves; honor you father and mother.
Shine light on your ancestors, bring prosperity to your descendants.

rén yí zǐ , jīn mǎn yínɡ 。
wǒ jiào zǐ , wéi yì jīnɡ 。
People bequeath to their children, chests full gold.
I teach children, only one classic.

qín yǒu ɡōnɡ , xì wú yì 。
jiè zhī zāi , yí miǎn lì 。
Diligence has merit; play has no advantage.
Guard against it; exert your strength.

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