Referral Code & Sign-up Bonus 2024

TLDR: The Referral Code is r9yvz9yuv6

1200x728 As is extending it’s Visa Card welcome promotion!

Until 4 August 2024every App user who applies for or upgrades their Visa Card and meets the CRO Net Buy requirement* will receive a reimbursement in CRO for purchasing their favourite Apple or Samsung products**.

The higher the Card tier, the higher your reimbursement amount:

  • Ruby Steel: Apple or Samsung accessories (Up to US$40 worth of CRO)
  • Jade Green or Royal Indigo: iPhone 15 or Galaxy S24 (Up to US$800 worth of CRO)
  • Icy White or Rose Gold
    • Intermediate Apple package, including a MacBook Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and Apple Watch (Up to US$5,000 worth of CRO), or
    • Intermediate Samsung package, including a Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, Galaxy S24 Ultra, and Galaxy Watch 6 (Up to US$5,000 worth of CRO)
  • Obsidian
    • Full-suite Apple package, including an Apple Vision Pro, Macbook Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and Apple Watch (Up to US$20,000 worth of CRO), or
    • Full-suite Samsung package, including a Samsung 85’’ 8K NEO QLED TV, Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, Galaxy S24 Ultra, and Galaxy Watch 6 (Up to US$20,000 worth of CRO)

How it works:

  1. Lock up CRO to reserve or upgrade to a metal Visa Card* (Ruby Steel or higher tier)
  2. Perform CRO Net Buys** ≥ 100% of the CRO Lockup Requirement in the App during the Promotion Period. CRO purchases for Card Lockup are counted towards this sum.
  3. Fund your Card
  4. Spend at any official Apple or Samsung Store, physical or online, with your new Card within 30 days after card issuance***
  5. Receive your CRO reimbursement in your Crypto Wallet within three months after the Promotion Period

Extended Promotion Period: 9 July 2024, 10:01 UTC – 4 August 2024, 10:00 UTC

view T&C here: Referral Code

Use APP referral link to sign up for and get $25 USD worth of CRO*
[Card staking is required to unlock the sign-up bonus]

You can read more on the APP referral program here:

For Exchange [r9yvz9yuv6]: Exchange Referral Code

Use Exchange referral link and be eligible for up to US$50 worth of CRO of sign-up bonus*
[Exchange staking is required to unlock the sign-up bonus]

You can read more on the Exchange referral program here: Referral Sign Up Summary

💰App Bonus$25USD CRO
💎Exchange Bonus$10 or $50 USD CRO
🤲Staking Duration180 Days
🤑Metal Card Rebate2%~8%

**Please do your own review/research when dealing with crypto currencies. Only put in how much you are comfortable with. Cryptocurrencies tend to have much higher price fluctuation compared to the stock market.** Sign Up FAQ

Yes, you can receive sign-up bonus for BOTH APP & Exchange. Card-staking and exchange-staking is two separate staking, and you are eligible for BOTH sign-up bonus provided you sign-up with a referral code AND fulfill the staking requirements within five days of KYC.
Yes, but it has to be within FIVE DAYS (for APP) from having your APP account KYC approved. TEN DAYS (for Exchange) from the day your account was created to add a referral ID. You can reach out to support in APP/Exchange and inform them that you sign-up with the referral code [r9yvz9yuv6]. Do note that you have to fulfill the required card/exchange staking to be eligible for the sign-up bonus.
Do note that you have to fulfill the minimum required staking amount [e.g. $500SGD for ruby card]. Once the required card staking is done, you will receive the sign up bonus in CRO in your App. For more information, do read this article

Do note that you have to fulfill the minimum exchange staking amount below to be eligible for any sign-up bonus:

For $10USD: 1,000-4,999 CRO Stake in Exchange
For $50USD: 5,000+ CRO Stake in Exchange

Once the staking is done, you should receive the sign up bonus (in CRO) in your Exchange account.

*Important: Only the FIRST CRO STAKE is used to calculate the sign-up bonus.

E.g. if your first stake is 999 CRO you are not eligible for any sign-up bonus.

E.g. if your first stake is 1,000 CRO, and you add an additional 10,000 CRO to your exchange stake, you are still only eligible for the $10USD sign-up bonus.

You have to stake >5,000 CRO in your FIRST CRO STAKE in Exchange to be eligible for $50USD of CRO

The referral bonus will help to offset hosting & domain cost. Much appreciated!

If you feel you are not ready to dive into the world of cryptocurrency yet, do bookmark this page and revisit when you are ready.

Feel free to reach out to me via Telegram if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer them. My telegram handle is @angelwei999, or you can drop your question in the contact form below. Full Sign-up Bonus Tips

*There are lots of questions received with regards to how best to optimize staking for the bonus-signup. To enjoy the FULL sign-up bonus ($25USD on APP + $50USD on Exchange), best to stake for at least a ruby card ($500) in APP, and at least 5,000+ CRO in Exchange.

If you are a seasoned/professional crypto trader joining from other exchanges, personally I feel that 100k CRO Exchange stake gives the most optimal rewards & benefits (in terms of interest earned, trading fee rebates, syndicate allocation, and Pay Benefits)*

Refer to the table below: Exchange CRO Stake Unofficial Guide

Images courtesy of SG Ambassador Jamie




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