Why perfection is unachievable – Benedict Cumberbatch

Why perfection is unachievable – Benedict Cumberbatch

Fail Again, Fail Better with Dr Strange

There's No Such Thing as… PERFECTION.Here's what Only Benedict Cumberbatch shares about it…"Fail Again, Fail Better"Video Credits: Goalcast

Posted by HUSTL. Academy on Thursday, February 8, 2018


It’s really hard. It’s really, really hard. It’s a difficult job. You can never perfect what we do. There is no way. I’ve never met anyone who goes, “That’s perfection.” As an actor, and this isn’t mock humility, I think it just goes for all art forms really, that the whole point is perfection is unachievable.

So see lots, read lots, hear lots. Experience life as well and just keep observing. Really observing. Not just looking and seeing, but sort of observing.

It’s that constant pursuit of the unobtainable which is kind of magic, really, and to keep us kind of motivated to try better. It’s the Beckett thing. Fail again, fail better.

Fail Better.

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