Be Remembered – Motivational Video

Video Transcript:


See the thing about life, we’re gonna die, right?
Eventually we’re gonna die, but our legacy live on.
The impact, can be non-perishable, forever.
But it’s gotta be built right and we got to take
advantage of the time we have right now.

What are you waiting for!
You’ve got one life to live.
Today begins; tomorrow continues
and never end…
until you reach your goal, and cross the finish line.
With your hand, held victorious.

You go after things. You try,
even if you fail you get back up,
and you continue to try and fail, continue to try and fail.
And ensuring you never fail to try.

Failure is part of recipe for success.
It’s the losers, that failed once and quit.
Every winner has done with failure.
The loser and the winner, both have failed…
it is just that a winner gets back up and does it again.

Making your dreams a reality, rep by rep.

Stop running from the potential what you can be, guys.
It’s inside of you, it’s always been there.

You must believe in yourself enough.
To be the person now,
of what others remember you later.

If you guys mentally believe you can do it,
your body will find a way to physically make it happen.

We put the work in now,
so we never wonder ‘what if’.

Not run by the clock,
But from our desire where we wanna go tomorrow.

It’s not for everybody
and might not be for you…
but you are still watching so maybe it’s for you.
Here we go!

There is no excuse, not to be the hardest mother fucking worker in the room.
And all your endeavour, schoolwork, the gym, your career, your relationship.
You need to be attached to it.
It’s got to mean more than anything.

Believe in yourself.
Be the one of a hundred that has a belief.
Instead of just fucking jaw jack talk of intent.

You only live once.
But if you work it right,
once is enough my friends.

1977 – 2015

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